Hanover Tavern Speaker Series – Patrick Henry: The Voice of Liberty
March 8, 2013

March 19 – Bill Young will portray Patrick Henry in the last year of his life at Hanover Tavern at 7:00 PM. Young reflects back on Henry’s childhood, two marriages, religious convictions, love of children, various careers, and key contributions to the formation of the United States. The talk also includes excerpts from Henry’s best known speeches.

Bill’s costume is copied from a portrait of Henry and includes a scarlet cloak like Henry wore when he was Virginia’s first elected governor. The people insisted that Henry wear the same type cloak that all of the royal governors before him had worn. The cloak showed that the power of the king had become the power of the people.

Listen to Patrick Henry as he gives the call to arms and as his “Liberty or Death” speech becomes a rallying cry for the colonies. His words still stir the blood and ring as true today as they did in 1775. When you hear Bill Young as Patrick Henry, you will understand why history calls Henry the “Lion of Liberty.”

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