Plantation home of Thomas Jefferson, the President designed this mountain-top home on the outskirts of Charlottesville.
Home of our fourth President, James Madison, Montpelier has been restored to its Madison-era appearance.
Mount Vernon
Overlooking the Potomac River, Mount Vernon is the home and final resting place of George Washington.
A Georgian mansion built by William Randolph III, Wilton escaped demolition in 1933 when it was dismantled and moved upriver.
Stratford Hall
Homestead of the Lee family of Virginia and birthplace of Robert E. Lee
St. John's Church
Site of the Second Virginia Convention and Patrick Henry's "Liberty or Death" speech.
Polegreen Church
The birthplace of religious freedom in Virginia, Samuel Davies ministered to religious dissenters here, Patrick Henry among them.
Colonial Williamsburg
Virginia's capital from 1699 until 1780, visitors today are transported to a bustling 18th-century city on the verge of revolution.
Rural Plains
Home of the Shelton family for nearly three centuries, Sarah Shelton married Patrick Henry here.
Ash Lawn-Highland
President James Monroe lived here from 1799 until 1823. The property includes a house museum, a working farm, and a performing arts center.
Hanover County Courthouse
Completed in 1743, twenty years later the courthouse was the scene of Patrick Henry's famous Parson's Cause case.
Red Hill
After retiring from public service, Patrick Henry spent his final years here. He is buried on the property.
Hampden-Sydney College
Founded in 1775, this college's Board of Trustees included Patrick Henry and James Madison.
John Marshall House, The
Home of the "Great Chief Justice" from 1790 until his death in 1835, the house is located in Richmond's "Court End" district.
Home of Patrick Henry, he traveled from here to deliver his famous "Libery or Death" speech in Richmond.
Hanover Tavern
One of a few surviving colonial-era taverns in the U.S., the tavern is now a museum and location of the Barksdale Theater.
Pine Slash
Received by Patrick Henry as a dowry upon his marriage to Sarah Shelton, Henry farmed the land here until selling the property in 1764.
Patrick Henry was born and grew up here. Archaeological excavations have given form to the plantation's main house, which succumbed to fire in 1807.
Gunston Hall
Home to George Mason, "Father of the Bill of Rights", Gunston Hall is a Georgian mansion which elaborate interior was more indicative of English rather than Virginian norms of the period.
James Monroe Birthplace
James Monroe was born and raised on this modest farm in Westmoreland County.
George Washington Birthplace
Home to generations of the Washington family and birthplace of our first president.
James Monroe Museum and Memorial Library
Dedicated to the study, interpretation and presentation of the life and times of the fifth President of the United States.
Trail Map
Ash Lawn-Highland 1799 Charlottesville
Colonial Williamsburg 1699 Williamsburg
George Washington Birthplace 1718 Colonial Beach
Gunston Hall 1755 Lorton
Hampden-Sydney College 1775 Hampden-Sydney
Hanover County Courthouse 1735 Hanover Courthouse
Hanover Tavern 1791 Hanover Courthouse
James Monroe Birthplace ca. 1750 Colonial Beach
James Monroe Museum and Memorial Library 1927 Fredericksburg
The John Marshall House ca. 1790 Richmond
Monticello 1772 Charlottesville
Montpelier 1723 Montpelier Station
Mount Vernon 1757 Alexandria
Pine Slash ca. 1750 Mechanicsville
Polegreen Church 1748 Mechanicsville
Red Hill 1794 Brookneal
Rural Plains 1730 Mechanicsville
Scotchtown ca. 1719 Beaverdam
St. John's Church 1741 Richmond
Stratford Hall 1730 Stratford
Studley 1720s Mechanicsville
Wilton 1753 Richmond
Trail Map
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